Dear Dallas County Citizens,

It’s been a pleasure to serve as Dallas County sheriff for the past ten years, but, there is so much more work to be done. I’m seeking re-election to continue the progress we’ve made, thus far. I’m running on my record. I remain dedicated to ensuring the safety of all families in a humane, modern, effective, and efficient manner.

One of the department’s most recent achievements, was the opening of a new medical facility inside the Dallas County jail. This facility allows us to deliver a higher level of timely medical service, and saves taxpayers millions of dollars in the long run.

Prior to the opening this facility, inmates had to be transported to Parkland Hospital every time they needed serious medical attention. This was costing the county unnecessary resources and taking away officers from their other duties. Today, this medical facility has set a new standard for other jails across the country.

The Dallas County jail also continues to pass state jail standard inspections, year after year. When I first became sheriff, the jail was in a sorry state. It could not pass jail inspection and was facing stiff fines for non-compliance.

I am also very proud of the department’s hiring and promoting process. Before I became sheriff, employees were promoted and hired based on their political connections. Under my administration, we’ve revamped the process to consider an employee’s ability. This resulted in the promotion of an unprecedented number of women and minorities to senior positions.

The progress we’ve made was only possible through your support. With your help, we can continue to provide law enforcement that is fair and respectful.

Lupe Valdez