Sheriff Lupe Valdez became the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the County of Dallas,TX  on January 1, 2005. She is one of four female sheriffs in the State of Texas, and is the only Hispanic female sheriff in the United States. After serving over three decades in both Federal and State law enforcement, Sheriff Valdez is seeking her fourth term as sheriff of Dallas Country.

Prior to becoming sheriff, Lupe worked to protect American citizens at home and abroad. In addition to criminal law enforcement, her experience includes positions within the Department of Homeland Security, and conducting anti-terrorism investigations.

Lupe developed her strong work ethics at a very young age. She is one of eight children born to migrant farm workers. At Bethany Nazarene College (now Southern Nazarene University), she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration while simultaneously working several jobs. She later achieved a Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Immediately after becoming sheriff, Lupe worked diligently to address the long-standing structural issues within the department she serves. By partnering with the Dallas County Commissioner’s Court, Parkland Hospital, Dallas County Constables, the Dallas County Probation Office, several judges, and the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, she has succeeded in:


    • hiring 400 new detention service officers
    • expanding the highway patrol system to include over 78 miles of in-county highways
    • completing construction on the new South Tower jail facility
    • improving the quality of health care for mentally ill inmates
    • locating probation absconders, thus removing the most wanted and dangerous individuals from county neighborhoods and communities
    • completing medical modifications to the jail facility to house over 300 mentally and physically ill inmates

    Lupe is equally commitment to public service. She has attained memberships and actively participates in the following organizations:


      • Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program
      • Women in Federal Law Enforcement  Association
      • Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas
      • North Texas Crime Commission
      • North Texas Police Chiefs Association
      • Texas Jail Association
      • National Sheriffs’ Association
      • Major County Sheriffs’ Association
      • Sheriffs’ Association of Texas
      • Oak Cliff Lions Club
      • Irving Women’s Network
      • Sheriffs’ Association of Texas  2009-2012 TCOLE Advisory Committee
      • Sheriffs’ Association of Texas 2009-2012 Legislative Committee
      • 2008-2012 Jail Advisory Committee

      Since taking office, Lupe has received several awards including some of the following:

        • 2015 La Cima Latina Leadership Award
        • 2014 Hispanic 100 Latina Living Legend Award
        • 2013 Dialogue Institute Community Service Award
        • 2013 National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Women’s Leadership Award
        • 2012 Women that Soar Civic Award
        • WCA 2007 Woman of the Year
        • Girls Inc., “She Knows Where She’s Going Award” – April 12, 2007
        • 2007 Elected Official of the Year – National Association of Social Worker’s
        • 2005 Outstanding Hispanic Women of America
        • 2005 Hispanic Leaders of America
        • 2005 Women Leaders of America
        • SMU Profiles in Leadership Award
        • Texas NAACP Award
        • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (Dallas Chapter) – Political Awareness and Involvement Award
        • Women’s Leadership Exchange-Compass Award
        • Citigroup-Women Changing America Award
        • Dallas Morning News-Distinguished Women Lecture Series
        • Haggar Clothing – Women in Diversity